It is  the policy  of  PT. Pelayaran Menaratama Samudra Indah  to conduct  its  business  in  a safe working environment and  to prevent
any accident and hazard by maintaining and operating its vessels in a safe and environmentally friendly manner.

We shall exercise our individual responsibility for safety in all our activities and strive for continuous improvement.

1.  To provide  safe and  efficient offshore supply,  towage and transportation  service in accordance  with applicable  international legal
2.  To ensure safety at sea by establishing safeguards against all identified risks.
3.  To prevent human injury or loss of life by providing & safe working environment and adopting safe working practices.
4.  To prevent pollution and damage to property.
5.  To maintain a competent and motivated work force through training and continuous improvement of safety management skills.

We shall endeavor to achieve our objectives by maintaining and operating a management system based on  the requirements of  IMO’s
ISM Code  and  by taking  into account  all  applicable  Codes,  Guidelines  and  standards  recommended by IMO,  Flag States and other
maritime industry organizations.

We have orientation manual due to maintaining and operating the management system as follows :
A.  Safety Management System Manual
B.  Procedure Manual
C.  Shipboard Safety Manual

The management  of  PT. Pelayaran  Menaratama  Samudra  Indah   is  committed   to  provide  the  necessary  resources  and  training
in support of our policies and objectives and in compliance with all applicable national and international rules and regulations.