All personnel (Crew, Contractors, Participating guests) working on board of Vessels owned / operated by PT. Pelayaran Menaratama Samudra Indah, are responsible for stopping  work activities that are not  performed safely or considered to be an imminent danger. “Imminent Danger” is defined as any condition that could reasonably cause serious injury or harm to human or environment.

When any personnel working onboard such vessel determines than an assigned task or on going work cannot be done safely and work needs to be stopped or delayed, the following actions should be carried out based on expectations from PT. PMSI Management :

1.  Personnel should stop the work and exit the unsafe area as quickly as possible in  a safe manner.  Personnel  should  pay attention to
     prevent any further hazards that may be caused by the work stoppage, securing the work area to a reasonable extent.

2.  Personnel  must  promptly inform  the  on site  Supervisor  and  Barge Master  on board the vessel.  Describe to them  the problem(s)
     that  prevents this work  from being  completed  safely  and/or  correctly  the  first  time.  Recommendation  regarding how to resolve
     the problem(s) should also be provided if possible.

3.  Barge Master and Supervisors  are to listen to  and acknowledge  problems  that are raised  by personnel. Barge Master  must  create
     and  maintain  a positive  atmosphere  with  personnel  while  having  these discussions.  Properly addressing  HSE  problems through
     open communications is vital to the success of the project at hand.

4.  The  Barge Master  is responsible for notifying   PT. PMSI Management  (Head Coordinator,  HSE  Manager)  and  obtaining  additional
     assistance  from  them  and  the  client  as  appropriate  to  resolve  the problem and  create  conditions  that  will  permit  performing
     the task safely and correctly.

5.  Work shall not  resume until the Barge Master and Client Supervisor has determined that the adverse conditions have been resolved
     and the work can be accomplished as required.

6.  Daily Log Book entries shall be made noting the stop work, the reasons for the stop work and what was done  to address and correct
     the problem.

7.  PT. PMSI  Management shall  review  the  stop  work  and  its  resolution as  soon  as  possible.   Root cause  determination  should be
     performed  and  actions should  be taken to prevent reoccurrence